GRIMM is a cybersecurity engineering and consulting firm. We research, develop, solve, and advise organizations -- government and commercial -- on cybersecurity.

Led by former military officers, government leaders, and industry experts, GRIMM provides tailored security assessments focusing on the most likely pathways weaknesses will be discovered and exploited, demonstrating exposure to the most current and emerging techniques.

GRIMM’s practice builds on operational experience in cyber mission support for national defense and business risk management. We provide services and products in automotive, industrial control, SCADA, and embedded systems, enterprise cybersecurity, red team/penetration testing and intrusion response, and vulnerability research for commercial and government clients. We also provide some of the most forward-leaning security training available.

Meet the Team

The leadership behind GRIMM combines decades of technical expertise, training development, and consulting for facing threats in your systems, networks, and deployed technologies.

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