Adam Nichols


Adam leads the Software Application Security practice at GRIMM. He specializes in discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities in Internet-accessible applications, networks, websites, as well as embedded systems, encryption, and blockchain technologies. Adam excels in automating research and development, using machine learning to create solutions to complex problems -- particularly those evolving areas of research that are critical to privacy, including blockchain and encryption.

For five years, Adam ran DEFCON’s open-capture the flag contest. He developed and ran experimental communication software on the conference’s network. You will often find Adam speaking at Hacker or blockchain conferences on the state of the industry and prevalent attacker methodologies.

Adam is dedicated to helping the entire community get better.  Each week, Adam’s team finds bugs in various pieces of software, discloses the bug to the vendor in line with NIST’s industry standards, and then -- following a 45 day disclosure timeframe or until the vendor confirms the patched vulnerability -- Adam writes up the vulnerability for general educational purposes at #NotQuite0DayFriday on Twitter.

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