Alex Miller


Rear Admiral Alex Miller was a ManagingDirector and Client Relationship Executive at Deloitte Services from July 2012to Jan 2019. He was responsible for supporting Deloitte’s Intelligence (IC) andDOD practices, with a focus on providing Cyber and Analytic Solutions. Prior to joining Deloitte, Alex held leadership positions as the Vice President andSenior Client Executive at Berico Technologies, where he focused on strategic initiatives to provide Cloud architecture solutions to enable the analysis of“Big Data” and as a Senior Vice President and General Manager at L- 3 STRATISwhere he oversaw a $400M business consisting of Information Technology,Software Development, Analytic, Cyber, and Mission solutions for the IC andDoD.

A retired Rear Admiral and Russian linguist, his career was marked by innovation in leadership and management, and technical excellence in Cyber and Intelligence. As Chief of Staff of theNational Security Agency, he led a 3,200 person military, civilian, and contractor staff in a corporate business restructuring effort, implemented the use of business enterprise architecture and established a corporate and mission metrics program as part of an organizational transformation to address post-9/11 threats. Alex has held command positions in Misawa, Japan and Athens,Greece and has served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence US PacificCommand, and Space and Electronic Warfare Officer and Cryptologist, US SixthFleet, and in ships, submarines, and reconnaissance aircraft operating in theAtlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean Seas and the Indian Ocean.

Alex holds an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from WabashCollege, an MA in Government from Georgetown University, an MPA from theUniversity of Oklahoma, and a BA in Political Science/Economics from WabashCollege. He is on the Advisory Board of the George Mason Law School NationalSecurity Institute, an Emeritus Trustee of Wabash College, a member of theNaval Intelligence Professionals Board of Directors, a graduate of the HarvardExecutive Fellows Program, a former Consultant to the Army Science Board, served on AFCEA Intelligence Committee for eight years, and is a former AdjunctInstructor for George Mason’s School of Applied IT. He lives in Fairfax, Va.,with his wife, Brenda.

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