Rob Mauck


Rob leads the Tailored Software Development practice at GRIMM. For 20 years, Rob has been architecting, developing, and leading the creation of specialized software for customers in the U.S. government. He and his team specialize in network communication and infrastructure systems, custom host environment and network analysis tools, mobile security applications and communications including Windows and other mobile platforms, network security applications for network infrastructure including Linux, Cisco, IOS, and other network equipment, orbital mechanics, and remote sensing. Rob also provides development consulting to commercial customers in the areas of agile project management and software architecture, specializing in Linux and security applications. When not developing software, Rob and his team conduct forensics engineering, malware analysis, and incident response. Rob and his team also develop hands-on courseware and train developers, engineers, cybersecurity professionals, and program managers on software reverse engineering, vulnerability research, OS internals, and exploitation.

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