Ryan Leirvik


Ryan leads the Security Consulting practice at GRIMM. Ryan has spent the better part of two decades enhancing information security programs at the world's largest institutions in national defense, finance, insurance, retail, consumer goods, and the energy sectors. With a background in building secure systems, Ryan focuses primarily on cybersecurity management consulting where he helps clients remember that security is not “one-size-fits-all,” and an organization must customize its security strategy to address its own unique challenges and objectives. To this end, Ryan helps an organization identify and solve complex security issues facing their unique organization. His expertise is in information at risk, quantifying the likelihood of compromise, customizing security programs and tools to mitigate an organization’s risk and likelihood of cyber attack, roadmap development, investment prioritization, vulnerability management, access and authentication, data correlation and analysis, and incident response. He helps organizations align of all the above within a broader cybersecurity strategy customized to meet an organization’s distinct challenges and objectives.   

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