GRIMMCon 0x2

Announcing #GRIMMCon 0x2, our second in a series of FREE VIRTUAL Conferences for the community! We’ll have two tracks, one especially for First Time Speakers who we’ll pair with an expert. Talks will be a mix of tech and personal fun.


Date/Time: 15 July 20, 1100 - 1900 ET

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Virtual Villages

Violent Python 3
Level: Beginner
Even if you have never programmed before, you can quickly and easily learn how to make custom hacking tools in Python. Python is among the top three programming languages in the world, for good reason: it's the easiest language to use for general purposes.
This workshop is structured as a CTF, so each participant can proceed at their own pace. The techniques will be briefly demonstrated, and we will provide tips and help as needed to make sure everyone is able to solve at least some of the challenges.Participants need only a computer and a Web browser.
To participate go to

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Con Schedule

Start Time

Track 1 - Experts

Track 2 - New Speakers

11:00 EST

GRIMMCON Keynote - Shannon Morse: Determining Your Attack Vector To Build Your Career

See Track 1

11:45 EST

Track 1 Keynote: John Hammond / Caleb Stewart: Introducing pwncat: Automating Linux Red Team Operations

Track 2 Keynote: Josh Corman- Advice I wish I had gotten...

12:30 EST

Sherrod DeGrippo: Inside the Galaxy Brain

Joe Brinkley: CyberPhunk 2020: How to kick off your Cyber Journey

13:15 EST

Mike Gualtieri: Live off the Land and Crack the NTLMSSP Protocol

Nicole Hoffman: ATT&CK on C-Suite: Cheat Codes

14:00 EST

Jamie Williams: Technical Lessons Learned from Emulating Adversaries

Jason Foster: PKI & Us

14:45 EST

Chloé Messdaghi: Burnout

Apurv Singh Gautam: Threat Hunting on the Dark Web

15:30 EST

David Mayer: (Almost) Free Adversary Emulation

Richard Scott: The Noobs Guide to Virtual Box

16:15 EST

O'Shea Bowens: Pushing the SOC Left To Achieve Nash Equilibrium

Lauren Rogers: How to build a SOC in reality

17:00 EST

Jeffball: Embedded Device ROP Tips and Tricks - Netgear

Keith Chapman: Inciting the Imagination: How we can help students see their future in cybersecurity

17:45 EST

Jorge Orchilles: Purple Teaming

Cynthia Moore: Social Butterflies

18:30 EST

GRIMMCon Closing - CISO Panel

See Track 1

19:00 EST

Virtual Happy Hour (See Discord for details)

Virtual Happy Hour (See Discord for details)