GRIMMCon 0x2

Announcing #GRIMMCon 0x3, our third in a series of FREE VIRTUAL Conferences for the community! We’ll have two tracks, one especially for First Time Speakers who we’ll pair with an expert. Talks will be a mix of tech and personal fun.


Date/Time: 30 December 2020, 1100 - 1900 ET

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Keynote Speakers

Chenxi Wang

Keynote Speaker - Hacking AI: From GPT-3, the Turing Test, to Cybersecurity

Dr. Chenxi Wang is the Founder and General Partner of Rain Capital, an early-stage venture fund focused on Cybersecurity. A well-known operator, technologist, and thought leader in the Cybersecurity industry, Dr. Wang serves on the Board of Directors for MDU Resources (NYSE: MDU), and the board of advisors for Secure Code Warrior and SC Media. Previously Chenxi was Vice-Chair for the board of directors for the global OWASP Foundation. Previously, Chenxi was Chief Strategy Officer at Twistlock, VP of strategy at Intel Security, and VP of Research at Forrester Research. Chenxi was named by Women Tech Founders as Women Investor of 2019, and received the Women-of-Influence award by SC Magazine. Chenxi’s career began as a faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University. Chenxi holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Virginia.

Sounil Yu

Keynote Speaker - How to Delay Building Skynet: A Cautionary Tale on Connecting AI with Robotic Automation

Sounil Yu is currently the CISO-in-Residence at YL Ventures, where he leverages his 30+ years of industry experience to support the due diligence process, vet entrepreneurs, and evaluate startup ideas. Sounil proactively supports the ideation processes of up and coming entrepreneurs and advises them on greenfield opportunities in cybersecurity. He is the creator of the Cyber Defense Matrix and the D.I.E. Triad, which are helping to reshape how the industry thinks about and approaches cybersecurity. He serves on the Board of the FAIR Institute and SCVX; co-chairs Art into Science: A Conference on Defense; volunteers for Project N95; contributes as a visiting National Security Institute fellow at GMU's Scalia Law School; and advises many security startups. Previously, Sounil was the Chief Security Scientist at Bank of America, leading a cross-functional team focused on driving innovation and a thriving startup culture to meet emerging cybersecurity needs, to serve as a challenge function, and to be a change agent driving unconventional thinking and alternative approaches to hard problems in security. Sounil co-chaired the OpenC2 standards group, was recognized by Security Magazine as one of the most influential people in security, and has 22 granted patents.

James Bore


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Con Schedule

Start Time

Track 1 - Experts

Track 2 - New Speakers

11:00 EST

GRIMMCON Opening Keynote - Sounil Yu
How to Delay Building Skynet: A Cautionary Tale on Connecting AI with Robotic Automation

See Track 1

11:45 EST

Kamel: Bluetooth as a Rising Concern in Automotive Security

Nina Jones: Phishing and Social Engineering, 101

12:30 EST

Catherine Ullman: Incident Communications 101 - Breaking the Bad News

Blake Regan: Limiting Admin User Risk in a Windows environment and other tips to avoid making the news

13:15 EST

Maggie Morganti: Hoe the Planet! Not Your Mama's Social Engineering Talk

Christopher Lopez: Asking Questions and Writing Effectively

14:00 EST

Nicole Hoffman: The Cognitive Stairways of Analysis

Fardeen Ahmed: Security Research - A Talk for All new Bug-Hunters

14:45 EST

Carey Lening: Privacy Shield is Dead - Using Technology to Make the Lawyers Happy

Stephen Mondiguing: How to Learn Malware Analysis Without Breaking the Bank

15:30 EST

Sana Saleh: What Really is Cyber War?

Juan Spinel: GDPR - Strategies for Failure

16:15 EST

Johnny Xmas: Urban Exploration - A COVID-friendly Hacker Hobby

Nathan Chung: Neurodiversity in Cybersecurity

17:00 EST

Konstantin Klinger: Identifying Malware Using Bloom Filters and DGArchive in a Sandbox Environment

Oscar Delgado: Unit Operations for ICS Security Professionals (One big and expensive "Lego")

17:45 EST

GRIMMCon Closing Keynote- Chenxi Wang
Hacking AI: From GPT-3, the Turing Test, to Cybersecurity

See Track 1

18:30 EST

Virtual Happy Hour (See Discord for details)

Virtual Happy Hour (See Discord for details)