GRIMMCon 0x2

Announcing #GRIMMCon 0x6, our sixth in a series of FREE VIRTUAL Conferences for the community! We’ll have two tracks, one especially for First Time Speakers who we’ll pair with an expert. Talks will be a mix of tech and personal fun. GRIMM believes in fostering new speakers and inviting them into the cybersecurity community. To amplify the effort, we will be joined by Making Space and Share the Mic in Cyber!!


Date/Time: December 29th, 2021 1100-1900 ET


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Keynote Speakers

Daniel Borges

Keylogging on Major Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, macOS) - Expert Speaker - Time TBD

Dan has been hacking in the infosec scene for 10+ years. A volunteer for CCDC red team for 8+ years and leads the virtual CCDC red team. Also a director for the CPTC for the last 6 years. Recently wrote a book “Adversarial Tradecraft in Cybersecurity”. Writes a blog at

Tim Medin

Access (Still) Granted - Expert Speaker - Time TBD

Tim runs the Red Siege, a firm performing client focused penetration tests. He is also a Senior Instructor and course author (SEC560) at The SANS Institute. Tim is an experienced international speaker, having presented to organizations around the world. Tim is the creator of the Kerberoasting, a widely utilized Red Team penetration test technique to extract kerberos tickets in order to offline attack the password of enterprise service accounts. He also hates pants.

Hise Gibson

Building Agile Tech Organizations - Keynote Speaker - Time 1100

Hise Gibson Is a faculty member at the Harvard Business School. Most recently he was an Academy Professor of Systems Engineering at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Dr. Hise O. Gibson graduated with a B.S. in Operations Research from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He received his M.S. in Operations Research from the Naval PostgraduateSchool, a Masters in Operations from the Air Command and Staff College, and a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Technology and Operations Management from Harvard Business School. He is a career military officer who attained the rank of Colonel and is a master-aviator in the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter who has been awarded the Bronze Star medal. He has led large and small teams globally, most recently as a Battalion Commander in the historic 82nd Airborne Division. He also was a fellow at MIT Lincoln Laboratory engage in strategic research initiatives with the DoD. His expertise is the intersection of operational effectiveness and human capital development. He has also worked with midsize and large transportation and distribution organizations, retailers, finance, energy, and tech startups on operational issues and pathways to better leverage their human capital in more effective ways maximizing the intersection of Technology, People, and Processes.

Charles Shirer

Beautiful Baud Breaking Back into the future (A New Outlook on Infosec) - Keynote Speaker - Time 1745

Charles is a Penetration Tester/RedTeamer/Security Researcher. He has 20 years of overall IT experience with the last 8 years in Information Security performing web application network and wireless penetration test. In his spare time Charles plays retro video games, works on the SECBSD open source project which is a penetration testing distro based on the OpenBsd Operating System, Works as Staff at several Security Conferences, runs a Podcast and enjoy helping others whenever possible.

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Con Schedule

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Track 1 - Experts

Track 2 - New Speakers

11:00 EDT

Opening Keynote: Hise Gibson - Building Agile Tech Organizations

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Closing Keynote: Charles Shirer -
Beautiful Baud Breaking Back into the future (A New outlook on Infosec)

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