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Application Security

Some of the team at ShmooCon.

While traditional penetration testing firms just use tools to scan your systems for known vulnerabilities, GRIMM differentiates itself by conducting end-to-end vulnerability assessments across the full stack, telling you exactly what the vulnerability is, how it can be exploited, and why it is significant to your network. GRIMM’s Application Security team conducts:

  • Security assessments
  • Design reviews
  • Threat hunting of custom and commercial applications, web presence, networks, and encryption or blockchain technologies

We provide recommendations so your developers know how to avoid repeating those vulnerabilities in future development. We believe that conducting end-to-end assessments prior to going live with technology is the best way to ensure they are as secure as possible before being deployed, however, if it has already been deployed, GRIMM is well adept at helping you understand how to develop and apply fixes to your vulnerabilities to protect you and your customers.

GRIMM follows a straight-forward three phase methodology:

  • the team first conducts reconnaissance
  • develops tools to test vulnerabilities
  • conducts white box or black box (depending on your needs and objectives) testing

Afterwards, GRIMM generates a robust report of all findings and works with your engineering and development teams to fully understand how to apply long-term strategies for more effective development strategies.  

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