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Connected Mobility

Bryson and Matt speaking at Automobilty.

As the transportation sector becomes increasingly more Internet-accessible, GRIMM provides the necessary security activities and solutions to manufacturers / vendors working to balance functionality with connectivity -- addressing the corresponding exponential increase in risk with connectivity.

GRIMM's Connected Mobility typically helps solve cybersecurity issues in two distinct problem areas:

  • Intra-system: Components within the actual platform (e.g., vehicle, truck, plane) that combine to make the system.
  • Inter-system: Platforms that connect to other platforms (e.g., vehicle-vehicle(s), vehicle to infrastructure)

In addition to targeted solutions for these problem areas, GRIMM typically includes security knowledge transfer to clients (e.g., training, education, one-on-one time). As these problem areas impact citizen safety, the GRIMM Connected Mobility team included industry best practices as a core component of the business practice.

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