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Connected Mobility

Bryson and Matt speaking at Automobilty.

GRIMM’s connected mobility team performs vulnerability assessments and provides technical recommendations for systems within the transportation sector, including aerospace, automotive, heavy trucking, drones, shipping, and general transit. As this sector becomes more Internet-accessible, it has become more complex for manufacturers and vendors to balance increased functionality and connectivity with the corresponding exponential increase in risk.

Generally, connected mobility can be broken down into two distinct problem sets:

  • Intra-system: within the actual platform (i.e., vehicle, truck, plane) that the individual or combined components within the system (i.e., vehicle, truck, plane) are insecure and can be exploited. This includes telematics.
  • Inter-system: platform to platform (i.e., other vehicles, trucks, planes, or infrastructure) risks. This is where autonomous vehicle risk occurs.

Because these issues implicate citizen safety, training and education in research and best practices is a core component of this business practice.

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