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Security Management Consulting

Ryan Leirvik giving a presentation at a summit.

At the strategic level, GRIMM helps executives and security leaders understand cybersecurity risk and the potential impact on their own unique business. GRIMM’s approach helps address your risk to cyber attack in three  ways:

  • Frame: We help your organization think about and structure the problems that are relevant to your enterprise.
  • Track: We provide you a way to accurately track what is appropriate for reducing risk.
  • Measure: We help you develop meaningful metrics to help inform resource allocations.

Along with a way of measuring risk, we provide you the tools to customize a plan that is repeatable. This means that once you have completed these three steps, you are able to develop an action plan that will address key cybersecurity issues that arise, and clearly understand roles and responsibilities. Though you will need to review, practice, and finetune your plan iteratively, this provides you a baseline and a starting point for following your strategy consistently.  

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