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Security Training and Education

Mitch Johnson and Tim Brom talking at ShmooCon about CAN bus.

GRIMM offers several off-the-shelf courses developed to train your team on how to better understand how an attacker might attack and exploit your organization’s systems, networks, or devices. These courses are “hands-on” so students understand by doing it themselves and generally focus on vulnerability research, Windows, OS internals, automotive security, threat hunting and exploitation. Hardware and software developers, engineers, penetration testers, forensic investigators, vulnerability researchers, security auditors, and general IT professionals alike can benefit from these trainings.

Additionally, GRIMM develops custom courseware for organizations with unique needs. In the past, GRIMM has developed courseware for commercial Internet of Things (IoT) vendors who are interested in better training their IT workforce to build security into development practices by understanding how the attackers think, and what techniques they employ against that vendor’s specific technology.

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