Matt Carpenter


Matt leads the Embedded System Security practice at GRIMM. Matt has deep expertise in reverse engineering and vulnerability research of hardware, software, and firmware. He specializes in systems where these disciplines intersect, such as Industrial Control Systems (ICS), the Internet of Things (IoT), Automotive, and Aviation.

Matt oversees the cybersecurity research lab in Sparta, MI, -- a dedicated lab for reverse engineering large systems for the purposes of vulnerability assessments. With ample classroom space, Matt and his team develop and instruct hands-on courseware for developers, engineers, and cybersecurity professionals / program managers. Courses range from automotive, to ICS, to IoT security.

Matt’s ICS interest began twenty years ago when he first began helping government, industry leaders, and policymakers define strategies and frameworks for securing cyber physical systems (CPS). He is the former vice-chair of UCA International Users Group Advanced Metering Infrastructure security (AMI-SEC) task force and the Smart Grid Security working group. Matt recently led the vulnerabilities team for the NIST cyber security coordination task force developing NISTIR-7628 for the security of CPS. He was captain of three winning DEFCON Capture the Flag teams, and you may often find him at hacker or automotive conferences providing insightful and entertaining talks about current and emerging threats.

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