An Engineer's Company

We are passionate about the cybersecurity field and support clients in areas that affect the security or privacy of every day citizens.  Integrity is at the center of our business and we are committed to allowing individuals the ability to explore new areas of interest -- inquiry and exploration is perhaps the most important skill set in vulnerability research. This means we hire the most creative, dedicated, and skilled workforce available.

Join The Team

GRIMM prides itself in having a reputation of hiring the very best. From security researchers, to developers, to consultants, to program managers, we ensure GRIMM teams exude excellence. We offer clients peace of mind that they are provided the most advanced and innovative computer security solutions to their unique challenges. Please reach out if you think you are a good fit.


Finding great employees to join the GRIMM team starts with finding the best interns! GRIMM offers competitive internships, and offers all interns interesting and meaningful work.

Each Fall/Winter, internship job postings will be posted in the 'Internship' section above for the following Summer.